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Cocktail recept : Freewheeler

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Wat heb je nodig voor een Freewheeler?

Een Freewheeler cocktail bevat de volgende ingredienten:

Hoe maak ik een Freewheeler cocktail?

Schenk in een longdrinkglas ijsblokjes, Jonge Jenever, Pisang Ambon en vul vervolgens op met bitter lemon. Roer vervolgens stevig.


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Reeds gegeven meningen over de Freewheeler cocktail:

If you simply turn the prop aronud and wind it the way the freewheeler dictates, the prop will pull backwards, it will not push. To make the prop a pusher, it must face in the same direction and turn the same direction as it did when used up front as a tractor. The blade angle and the camber must have the same orientation whether used as a tractor or pusher prop. When you put the right handed tractor prop in back to serve as a pusher, the freewheel ramp will be in front and the bearing will be in back. That will not work. The hub must be modified to put a bearing surface in front and a freewheel ramp in back. Because the motor is now in front and you will be winding while facing the back of the prop, you will be turning it in a counter clockwise direction, the opposite of what you do when winding from in front. An easy way to do this is to drill out the hub and fit some brass or aluminum tube. File a freewheel ramp in the back end of the tube, the end that corresponds to the undercambered surface of the prop.

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