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Imagery, Art for Wine - Bob L. Nugent

Imagery, Art for Wine
When multiple art forms are joined together, such as music, dance and theatre in opera, the end result is something far greater than the sum of the parts. A synergy between art forms yields something far more beautiful than the components. This book is about the convergence of two art forms, wine making and painting. Here is a collection of exceptional contemporary art, all created with one specific goal in mind: to grace a special bottle of wine, whose contents are also a unique work of art. The 135 works of art in this collection were all commissioned to be part of a wine label. A very old custom in France, but relatively new to the New World . This is a one-of-a-kind art collection, as each unique and original work was created by an artist who was inspired by the art inside the bottle and was motivated by payment in wine, rather than money. A most suitable tribute to both artists, the winemaker and the painter. Thus this book is called Art For Wine .


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