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Classic Malt Whisky - Ian Wisniewski

Classic Malt Whisky
This title tells all you need to know about malt whisky, from the processes of making it to the customs of imbibing it. In one sense, the production process is straightfoward: barley is malted, milled and mashed which yields a sugary liquid fermented by yeast which is then distilled twice in copper pot stills and then aged in oak barrels. But, as Ian Wisniewski shows, every step of the process offers options which can have a profound influence on the whisky from the variety of the barley, the type of barrel used to the source of the water. The book also gives the role malt whisky has had to play in Scottish culture from Burns night celebrations, and sporting occasions to wedding rituals and the traditions of the distilleries themselves. An A-Z of brands with brief histories and tasting notes, plus advice on how to serve malt, as well as a gazetteer, makethis a reference book for anyone with an interest in the drink. Originally researched at the distilleries in Scotland, this is a guide for anyone who enjoys a dram, or two, and wants to know more of the drink's culture, origins and technology.


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