Cocktails and Perfect Party Drinks - Susy Atkins

Cocktails and Perfect Party Drinks
What we drink is largely determined by the occasion - the hearty claret served at a dinner party is a whole world away from the vintage fizz drunk to toast a bride and groom, just as the warming mulled wines, whiskies and post-prandial ports that work so well at Christmas time aren't at all suited to a summer picnic when light, refreshing cocktails, presses and cordials are just what's needed to stay cool. With her new book Party Drinks, Susy Atkins solves all your drinks dilemmas and helps you plan the perfect refreshment to suit the moment. Each chapter focuses on a particular type of party or special occasion - from The Classic Cocktail Party to Weddings, Christenings and Birthday Parties - and sets out all the best drink options, including wines, beers, cocktails and spirits. Susy provides tips for being the perfect host, including how to store and serve drinks and suggestions for the most suitable accompaniments - everything from a four-course meal to a bowl of olives. There is also a chapter on how to deal with the dreaded 'morning after', with advice on hangover cures and restorative drinks. Party Drinks is a must-have reference for anyone that likes to entertain or is planning a special celebration bash.


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