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Mommy Mixology - Janet Frongillo

Mommy Mixology
DO JUICE BOXES COME IN MOJITO? Motherhood is memorable, but all too often for its calamities. Fortunately, Mommy Mixology shares stories, sympathies, and some strong drinks to keep you laughing through it all. Sitcom housewives like June Cleaver and Carol Brady made mothering look like constant joy, but most moms know the reality is far from simple. Getting through the motherhood years will take a good sense of humor and a few cocktails: * When your little darling starts to pick up on--and repeat!--every word you say, clean up your language with a Son of a Beach. * When that budding Georgia O'Keeffe uses her skills to redecorate the home in permanent ink, clean up while sipping a Markerita. * When your toddler digs in his heels and comes back with NO! 367 times, shake it off with a refreshing NO!Jito. * When your 3-year-old pushes down his Pull-Ups and learns the difference between boys and girls, sit back and laugh with a Penis Colada. * When you pack the car with 99 diapers and 3 pounds of Goldfish, put your feet up at the end of the trip and enjoy a well-earned Long Drivin' Iced Tea.


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