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The Art and Craft of Coffee - Kevin Sinnott

The Art and Craft of Coffee
?In the decades that Kevin Sinnott has spent meeting with and interviewing hundreds of coffee professionals, rather than crossing over to the dark side and becoming one himself, he has taken what he has learned and translated it from coffee geek-speak into English. Why? For the sole purpose of allowing you to better enjoy your coffee. In short, if you like coffee, you will love this book.? ?Oren Bloostein, proprietor of Oren?s Daily Roast There is no other beverage that gives you a better way to travel the world than coffee. You can literally taste the volcanic lava from Sumatra, smell the spice fields of India, and lift your spirits to the Colombian mountaintops in your morning cup of joe. The Art and Craft of Coffee shows you how to get the most out of your coffee, from fresh-roasted bean to hand-crafted brew. In The Art and Craft of Coffee, Kevin Sinnott, the coffee world?s most ardent consumer advocate, educates, inspires, and caffeinates you. Inside you will find: <bullet> <bullet> <bullet> <bullet> <bullet> Delicous recipes for dozens of coffee and espresso beverages</bullet></bullet></bullet></bullet></bullet>


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