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Cool-Climate Vine-growing and Wine-making - Michael Barry

Cool-Climate Vine-growing and Wine-making
A vineyard is potentially a very valuable use of land. There is a lot to learn but the results can be impressive ? even in a cool climate like Britain, even with only an acre or so available for use.<br /><br />This e-book details most of what you need to know to make a success of a vine-growing and wine-making venture, whether for commercial or domestic purposes.<br /><br />Based on an original series of articles published in magazines The Smallholder, Farmers Weekly and Homebrew Today and plenty of first-hand experience, this essential resource can help you plot your course successfully in an exciting new enterprise and enable you to avoid the many pitfalls lying in wait!<br /><br />?Cool climate Vine-growing and Wine-making? outlines all you need to know to get started - whether as a bigger commercial producer, a small commercial producer, or to create a family vineyard producing enough low cost wine to satisfy a thirsty family of wine drinkers.<br /><br />Although written with UK experience and resources in mind, the practices and principles apply universally to all cool climates globally.


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