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Low-Carb Smoothies - Donna Rodnitzky

Low-Carb Smoothies
Watching your carbs? Look inside for more than 135 fabulous recipes for frosty drinks so delicious it?s hard to believe they?re legal.<br /><br />If you?re a committed carbohydrate counter or a calorie-conscious eater, you can reclaim the pleasure of sipping a yummy, nutritious smoothie. Donna Pliner Rodnitzky, a proven master at whipping up palate-pleasing glassfuls, presents a host of great-tasting, sin-free delights.<br /><br />In <i>Low-Carb Smoothies</i>, you?ll learn how to transform a carb-and calorie-laden smoothie into a guiltless treat by replacing forbidden ingredients with intensely flavored sugar-free syrups, low-glycemic fruits, and protein powders. Get tips on how to find the best fruit and the basic equipment you?ll need to create low-carb smoothie perfection. With both low-carb and ultra-low-carb options, you?ll find recipes to suit every phase of your diet, whether you?re on the most stringent plan or in a less-restrictive maintenance phase. All the recipes minimize the carb count and maximize taste. <br /><br />Discover too a host of ideas for low-carb garnishes, from strawberry fans to carb-friendly peanut-butter cookies, to make your smoothies not only taste great but look great. A smoothie is the perfect treat to serve your guests at the end of a meal or as a midday refresher?they?ll never know it?s diet-friendly.<br /><br />Choose from a host of delectable recipes, including:<br />?Huckle?berry Thin<br />?Blueberry Chill<br />?Coconut CarbBuster<br />?Raspberry Tornado<br />?South Peach to Diet For<br />?Raspberry Chocolate Espresso<br />?Chocolate Almond Bar Smoothie<br />?Peanut Butter Cup<br />?Happily Ever Apple<br />?And more . . .


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