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Biblical Wines - Timothy & Liza Murphy

Biblical Wines
Biblical Wines provides a clear perspective on the subject of wine consumption, by allowing the Sacred Scriptures to be used in context, so that they can speak for themselves on the matter. No word games, no theological illusions, and no excuses. Hundreds of hours of research, using ancient manuscripts in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English, were compiled to bring the reader accurate information. This book allows Sacred Scripture, the Holy Bible, to demonstrate how Mankind often brings sin to the bottle, rather than, the bottle bringing sin to Mankind. And, how not all offend God with their consumption because of the condition of their souls when drinking. It will be pleasing for some to discover that they have God on their side when they have that glass of wine with dinner or with friends. And, of course, this book allows the reader to see the clear case for the mandated use of fermented grape wine in religious ceremonies, it"s Biblical, and it"s the Law. Yes, some people find the truth hard to swallow, but the honest approach to this subject will be enjoyed by most, and will go down really smooth. If you love God and His Word, you will love Biblical Wines, whether you choose to drink alcohol or not. It truly is a fascinating journey through Sacred Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. Just kick back, read, and enjoy!


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