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111 Top Value Wines for Less than ?11 - Jeff Lee

111 Top Value Wines for Less than ?11
Let?s start with the good news: there is more wine being made these days than ever before. And now comes the not-so-good news: The majority of it is bad, and in many cases really bad. On the other hand that still leaves us with oceans of good wine, and in many cases it is really good.<br /><br />So, let?s now take all of those good wines and let?s divide them into 2 groups: those that are over-priced, and those that are fairly, or even attractively priced.<br />This book is about this last group. Really good wines, attractively priced. And believe me, it?s the most fun group!<br /><br />In fact this book is about really good wines that are attractively priced and that cost less than ?11. Of course, there are also really good wines that are worth their price but cost more than 11 Euros. More about these later.<br /><br />One of my goals in writing this book is to convince you that top-quality wines don?t have to cost a small fortune. I will describe the criteria that a wine has to meet in order to be called really good so that you will be able to apply the same criteria to wines that you try.<br /><br />And of course I will supply you with no fewer than 111 examples of such wines. I have personally tried every wine in the list, and in most cases, I?ve tried them more than once. Believe me, this was very hard work, but hey, someone had to do it! The bad news is that I also had to try many more wines that didn?t make the grade.<br /><br />I have tried to offer variety in terms of the grapes used and the countries of origin. And if you want to try these wines for yourself, and I hope my mouth-watering descriptions will make you want to do just that, I?ll give you some tips on where to find them.<br /><br />The book also includes a free bonus list "11 Wines for that Special Occasion between 11 and 22 Euros". Because sometimes you want a very special wine for that very special occasion, like a birthday, an anniversary or ? just for the fun of it!<br /><br />Cheers!


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