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Crush! Issue 1 - Michael Olivier

Crush! Issue 1
Each year guides are produced that tell us about every wine ever made; guides that offer hundreds if not thousands of wines - in fact, just about every wine ever made. This is the guide that is different: Crush gives you suggestions of 100 award-winning wines to drink, and to drink now. Most importantly, this is the wine book that divides what you should be drinking into four easy-to-understand sections - strapped for cash? That section tells you exactly which are the best ones to choose with your hard-earned cash. Or are you looking for a middle-of-the-week wonder, or perhaps you're out to impress the boss or your father/mother-in-law, or you're splashing out for a special occasion - even if it's only the two of you on a beach or on a hill watching the sun go down - Crush helps you choose when you're confronted with hundreds of labels. Each description not only gives you a precious drop of information about the winemaker or the estate, as well as how to taste the wine. The writing is warm and personal and full of heart, exactly as the author himself is. Included in the guide are 'The Crush Awards' - the Wine of the Year, the Winery of the Year and the Best Wines of the year.Included is The Raw Material- a piece on grape varieties, information on wine competitions, corkscrews, suppliers and more.


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