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Herbal Teas & Health Infusions - Jessica Houdret

Herbal Teas & Health Infusions
This title comes with 50 delicious and refreshing recipes for teas, infusions and tisanes of all kinds. Take herbal teas as a tonic to aid digestion, improve zest and energy, promote sleep, treat headaches, anxiety and depression, and blitz irritating coughs and colds. Grow, harvest, preserve and store your own herbs. This is a useful directory that details the herbs that are worth cultivating at home. You can learn to extract the essential properties and goodness from herbs, and use them to make teas, cordials and decoctions that will improve your health and vitality. It includes a quick-reference guide to herbs and their medicinal uses. Every recipe is illustrated with beautiful photography, with 100 glorious pictures in total. Herbs are good for us. They enhance food, aid digestion and maintain health. What's more, enjoyed as an infusion in a tea, they improve our sense of well-being. This guide is packed with delicious recipes and healthy tonics to treat specific symptoms and rejuvenate the body. You can choose from rosehip tea, high in vitamin C to ward off a cold, or chamomile tea to promote sleep. There are recipes to help treat indigestion, coughs, headaches, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness, and to boost energy and inner peace. For children as well as adults, there are plenty of old fashioned cordials to beat the winter blues, such as elderberry rob. With 50 tried-and-tested recipes, all made using ingredients that are readily available, herbal teas provide a gentle self treatment for everyday common illnesses.


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