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Clean Green Drinks - Candice Kumai

Clean Green Drinks
<b><i>Cleanse.</i> Sculpt your body, boost your health, renew your mind, and improve your whole outlook on life.</b><br /> <b> </b><br /> <i>Clean Green Drinks</i> is not just a recipe collection, but also a guide to a leaner, happier, and more fulfilled you. With more than 100 perfectly balanced, delicious drink recipes that can be made in a minute, <i>Clean Green Drinks</i> will help you sip away extra pounds as you sip away stress. Health journalist and chef Candice Kumai reveals the new science behind her enticing, refreshing flavors; and shows how easy it is to get fit, healthy, happy, and glowing!<br /> <br /> <b>Advance praise for <i>Clean Green Drinks</i></b><br /> <br />?Candice?s recipes are delicious and will keep your skin glowing from the inside out. Trust me, your body will be thanking you once you introduce <i>Clean Green Drinks</i> into your diet!?<b>?Adriana Lima, supermodel</b><br /><br />?I?ve always been a fan of Candice?s recipes, and I can?t wait for her juices to kick-start my health! Healthy eating <i>can</i> be delicious!?<b>?Nicole Miller, designer</b><br /> <br />?Candice Kumai knows how to jam a bazillion nutrients into a tasty and refreshing glass. Her creative beverages will give your body a boost and your taste buds a treat.?<b>?Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author and nutrition expert for NBC?s <i>Today</i></b><br /><br />?<i>Clean Green Drinks</i> is one of the most impressive health books out there, full of amazingly delicious recipes and fresh ingredients. If it?s great health you want, this book delivers.?<b><i>?</i>Kim Barnouin,<i> New York Times</i> bestselling co-author of <i>Skinny Bitch</i></b><br /><br />?Candice Kumai is an absolute artist with recipes. She?s shaking things up with <i>Clean Green Drinks</i>. This book has taken my juicing obsession to a whole new level.?<b>?Gabrielle Bernstein, <i>New York Times </i>bestselling author of <i>May Cause Miracles</i> </b><br /> <br /> ?Combine a passion for health and nutrition with culinary expertise and you have Candice Kumai. I recommend her books for every kitchen!?<b>?Dr. Lindsey Duncan, celebrity nutritionist and naturopathic doctor<br /></b><br />?Candice has whipped up the most stylish guide to juicing. Green truly is the new black.?<b>?Michelle Smith, founder and designer, Milly</b><br /> <br /> ?<i>Clean Green Drinks</i> is a treasure trove of recipes?perfect for cleansing, detoxing, and everyday sipping! The beautiful pictures and design of the book are bound to inspire.?<b>? Alexandra Jamieson, co-creator of <i>Super Size Me</i> and author of <i>The Great American Detox Diet</i></b><br /> <b> </b><br /> ?Going green has never been so delicious! Candice makes these recipes healthy, easy, fun, and yummy!?<b>?Keri Glassman, nutritionist, TV personality, and author of <i>The New You and Improved Diet</i></b>


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