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Life Is Wine Journal - Graham Harding

Life Is Wine Journal
The perfect place for storing favorite wine impressions and labels, this keepsake album is cleverly designed as the ultimate wine list. Featuring passages and quotes from wine enthusiast and author of A Wine Miscellany, Graham Harding takes his readers on a "jaunt through the whimsical world of wine." These informative passages range from the creation of the Parker system to Lord Byron's favorite wine. Guided notes also provide space for recording tasting notes, bouquet, and impressions.<br /><br />PASSAGES FEATURED IN ALBUM<br /><br />The Oldest Wine<br /><br />From 1540, the oldest wine is considered the Steinwein. It had lived in a grand cask for most of its life in a vineyard near Wurzburg, topped up as required with a wine of an equivalent quality, but was bottled some two hundred years after vinification. It was described as a "brown, Madeira-like fluid" that "hinted of German origins."<br /><br />The Thomas Jefferson Effect<br /><br />Jefferson was the original owner of the most expensive white wine ever sold--a 1787 Chateau d'Yquem. This was a great year for Yquem--though perhaps not quite the equal of the 1784, of which Jefferson bought 250 bottles. <br /><br />Ullage<br /><br />"Ullage" is the technical term for the space between the cork and the wine. As wines age they often lose their liquid through evaporation. The level of the surface of the wine lowers from just below the cork to several centimeters lower. The lower the level, the greater the chance that the wine will have been spoiled.


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