Dark Spirits - A. J. Rathbun

Dark Spirits
Don"t be afraid of the dark—the dark spirits, that is. Oh, vodka and gin have their place, but whiskey, rum, Scotch, bourbon, rye, and their kind are so much deeper and more complicated; they make white spirits pale by comparison. Time was, these brown liquors were relegated to serious (or dare we say sober?) solo sipping or perhaps the occasional old-fashioned mixture like, well, the Old Fashioned. But a cocktail renaissance has brought dark spirits back to their rightful station: as lively, engaging drink<br/>components that can mix it up in a full array of new-fashioned libations.<br/>   In this clever compendium of all drinks dark, A.J. Rathbun revisits the lively, witty, informative mood of his award-winning cocktail bible Good Spirits. It"s a trip to the lighter side of dark spirits, as the book"s thematic recipe chapters demonstrate. Bartender"s Choice presents the favorite creations of some of today"s top mixologists, and the sparkling quaff s in Bubbly Refreshers are sure to take the edge off a hot day. Powerful Punches provides piquant potables in plentiful portions, while the drinks in Hot Stuff will warm you from the inside. Of course, the dark spirits do have their dark side, as revealed in Drinks That Go Bump in the Night, a chapter that off ers such chill, chilled, and chilling concoctions as Corpse Reviver and Black Hood (rye, orange liqueur, and Benedictine—well, it sounds innocent enough). And in Dark Classics, you"ll find—what else?—the classics, such as the Mai Tai, Manhattan, Mint Julep, and, yes, Old Fashioned.<br/>   But a cocktail book by A.J. is never just a collection of recipes. In these pages, you will learn everything there is to know about the dark spirits; you"ll never again confuse Cognac and Armagnac, or whiskey and whisky. Moreover, there"s a thorough introduction that covers all the basics: techniques, equipment, ingredients, garnishes, even ice and how to use it. An array of tips and tidbits further enlightens the proceedings, with quotes of note, party hints, obscure but fun facts, and more.   Today"s dark spirits are more edgy than old-fashioned. Expand your cocktail repertoire with<br/>this must-have collection that helps shed light into a dark corner of the bar.


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