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London Gin - Thea Bennett

London Gin
Have you ever wondered why so many gin distilleries set up in London, even to this day? Or why some gin made in other countries is known as London Dry Gin? This spirited book will reveal why London has been so important to gin makers for centuries and why the popular drink even sparked a riot. Parliament thought gin was so central to the nation's problems with alcohol and vice that it passed five different Acts. Even now, you are not allowed to make you own gin but is mother's ruin really so bad for you? Did you know, for example, that it can help both arthritis and period pain? This book isn't just a history of gin in London and the London style of gin but contains often startling facts about the recently revived favourite. London Gins are proving a tonic to the drinks' market. Gintastic Facts: London Gin is a type of gin which is made around the world, not just in London Gin might have been dubbed 'Mother's Ruin' in the past but, in more recent years, it's been claimed as a remedy for arthritis The term 'Dutch courage' originated when soldiers would drink what was then known as Dutch gin before going into battle Plymouth Gin was specified in the earliest-documented recipe for a Dry Martini in 1896 Add a shot of London Gin to a pint of ale or stout to create a Dog's Nose cocktail In 1837, Mr Gordon provided six bottles of Champagne to celebrate the engagement of his daughter to Mr Edward Tanqueray In the late-Eighteenth Century, Sir Robert Burnett, founder of Burnett's White Satin Gin, kept 2,000 pigs at the Vauxhall distillery and fed them the waste grain from


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