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The International Spirits Industry - John Wakely

The International Spirits Industry
Although consumption of spirits on a global scale is vast, the spirits industry derives its profits from a relatively small number of countries and product lines. This valuable book provides an overview of all aspects of the industry, covering all major categories of spirits, and contains a wealth of information on trading statistics, regulations and consumption patterns. It discusses the challenges facing the giant companies, profiling the leading companies in detail, and assesses whether their structure is appropriate to long-term success in the industry. The international spirits industry offers the most comprehensive picture currently available of the dynamics and structure of this fascinating business and shows:* How spirits fit into the global business in alcoholic beverages* Why the image and popular perception of the alcohol business is so important* How health concerns are likely to affect the future of the business* How spirits are produced, regulated, distributed and taxed* How consumption patterns are changing and why women are becoming more important to the industry* What strategies companies can adopt for building brands* How profitable the industry is and how the major players are adapting themselves to new challenges such as the InternetDespite the age of alcohol production, the business is in a state of flux with little agreement as to its future. This book provides a valuable insight into this changeable situation and is a unique resource for analysts and economists and all those involved in the production, distribution and sales of spirits worldwide.


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