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The Cocktail - Jane Rocca

The Cocktail
The Southern Belle and the Karma Sip Tra. The Alabama Slammer and the Autumn Thunder. The Couture Fizz and the Vanilla Kiss. These are not just drinks, but statements of intent, says hard-sipping rock journalist Jane Rocca: accessories every bit as vital as shoes when you are planning a night on the town. What you think determines what you drink. Awash with recipes and dripping romance, The Cocktail captures the spirit of every spirit. Learn about the warm companionship of vodka, the old-school primness of gin and the tropical abandon of rum. Drink in the geisha chic of sake, and discover why whisky and its white trash cousin bourbon are no longer just a guy's best friend. Jane Rocca is a rock journalist based in Australia who contributes to local and international newspapers and magazines such as The Face, Harper's Bazaar or The Big Issue. She loves listening to Motorhead and the Supersuckers and spends too much money buying vinyl records and shoes. Kat Macleod's first book, Bird, was published in 2002. She works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer on fashion and publication projects. She loves drawing frivolous women in made-up outfits.


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