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Where To Take Tea - Susan Cohen

Where To Take Tea
In this book, Susan Cohen takes a nostalgic look at the world's most popular beverage, tea. The experience of taking tea is steeped in history, ritual and tradition and this book looks at that fascinating story from all angles - the tea leaf, tea ceremonies, the customs and habits associated with taking tea and the paraphernalia that surrounds it. This section concludes with a look at the extraordinary way in which tea became linked with dance and music, resulting in the tea dance, an event that is still popular today.The second section of the book looks at over 50 places in Britain where afternoon tea can be enjoyed. There are over 25 suggestions for London, from the opulent splendour of the Lanesborough and the Ritz, to the architectural wonder of the Great Court at the British Museum and the warmth of Louis Patisserie. There are also recommendations for places to take tea in the great historical cities, such as Bath, Oxford, York, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Windsor and the beauty spots of the Lake District, the Cotswolds, Devon and Cornwall.This revised edition uniquely combines the fascinating history and traditions of tea with an up-to-the-minute guide to the places where it can be sampled at its very best, including new entries and updated text.


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