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Spit or Swallow - Jennifer Ratcliffe-Wright

Spit or Swallow
Embarrassed about your wine knowledge? Spit or swallow is written for those wishing to know a little bit more about wine in order for them to enjoy it a lot more. Wine, like foreplay, requires a little effort. With Spit or swallow, you will soon be right on the button, so to speak. Spit or swallow focuses more on the good life of food, wine and pleasure than it does on technical jargon contained in wine speak. It is a guide to living with wine as a healthy and integral part of your daily life. Wine makes food taste better, it makes occasions more memorable and it makes us happy. Spit or swallow is here to give a fresh approach and make the whole wine-thing less scary. Wine nerds talk about the characters of a wine as being cheerful, subtle and full of mystery, supple or well rounded. The descriptions are so ambiguous that sometimes you don't know whether to drink them or take them to bed. Wine is a simple subject that has been rendered complicated and boring over time by wine geeks. Although hours of wine babble about soils and vintages is important to the real professionals, all we really want to know is: does it taste good and can I drink it? It is not the intricacies and technicalities which interest us, but rather the enjoyment of drinking and sharing wine - the passion of it all! The great part about learning about wine is that it's fun! Although wine is created from a single fruit, the simple grape, this fruit can deliver a product, year after year, that is dynamic in so many ways - colour, texture, intensity, flavour, complexity, to name but a few. Above all, wine adds a dimension to our lives that many would not wish to live without. Imagine watching the sun go down without a glass of icy cold Sauvignon Blanc in your hand; imagine a rainy Saturday afternoon by the fire with your lover without a large glass of rich, luscious Shiraz. Spit or swallow focuses on good wine, good food, good friends, good laughs and good times.


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