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A Good Nose & Great Legs - Robert Geddes

A Good Nose & Great Legs
Wine is a living and changing expression of life itself. It has a birth, it reflects the places it is raised, it matures in its making and declines with time. Wandering through the art and science that makes the delectable drop, you will find a rich tapestry of human existence revealed. Robert Geddes is one of the few Australian-born Masters of Wine and has studied, drunk and slept in some of the world's most famous vineyards. A Good Nose & Great Legs is his comprehensive and engaging guide to Australian and international wine culture and lifestyle. With chapters ranging from the history of wine, wine making, varieties, regions, tasting and buying wine to food matching, it is replete with interesting information and insights. In this new edition there is a lot of new information on New Zealand 'the Island influence' - including a map of wine regions and updates on all the wines throughout. There is also more emphasis on Tasmania's wineproducing regions. There are new additions that discuss the popularity of organic wine and updates to the new labelling system for fortified wines in Australia/New Zealand, which have occurred since the first edition. When all is said and done, wine is only a drink, frothing, swirling and flickering over your tongue, but a closer look reveals the complexity in its antiquity, flavour, diversity, colour and quality. A Good Nose & Great Legs will lead you through these elements and enhance your wine-drinking experience. Key points: the breadth of information combined with Robert Geddes' personal tone and witty observations make this much more than a standard wine guide; offers detail on the history and geography of wine as well as practical advice on choosing and serving wine; includes beautiful photography from leading wine regions along with gorgeous illustrations; a must-have book for anyone who enjoys a good drop.


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