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The Artisan Soda Workshop - Aurora Rose Lynn

The Artisan Soda Workshop
The coolest drinks since lemonade are exploding in popularity with brand new twists on soda fountain syrups and this easy-to-use cookbook tells (and shows with colour photos) how to make these delicious pop treats at home People love fizzy drinks. But why settle for the corn syrup-sweetened, artificially flavoured, mass-produced brands available in shops when one can easily create customized, organic, fabulously fizzy creations that are as fun to make as they are delectable to drink? With over 25 beautiful colour photos, The Artisan Soda Workshop guides readers into a new culinary world with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect glass of pop. The palate-pleasing, thirst-quenching flavours mix a wide range of exotic ingredients including fruits, herbs, and spices - many not traditionally used in soda. Thanks to the home-brewing process described in this book, it's simple to adjust the amount of sugar and intensity of flavour to create beverages that delight the maker, family members, and party guests alike. All one needs to get started is this book and a home carbonator, which are now inexpensive and widely available. Leaving nothing out, The Artisan Soda Workshop even contains tastier and healthier versions of classic fountain drinks like cola, root beer, and ginger ale.


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