Kombucha Revolution - Stephen Lee

Kombucha Revolution
<p> <b>This guide from the founder of Kombucha Wonder Drink demystifies the process of brewing kombucha at home and offers recipes for using it in infusions, smoothies, cocktails, and more.</b><br /><br /><b>The Wonder Drink</b><br /><br />Kombucha?a fizzy, fermented tea-based beverage packed with probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes?has home brewers salivating. And who better to guide you through the brewing process than a tea guru with more than forty years of experience under his belt? Stephen Lee, cofounder of Tazo Tea and Stash Tea, turned his attention to fermented tea and founded Kombucha Wonder Drink in 2001. In <i>Kombucha Revolution</i>, Lee reveals the secrets to brewing the perfect batch of kombucha and caring for your very own SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). He also shares his favorite recipes?plus contributions from brewers, bartenders, and chefs like ?Kombucha Mamma? Hannah Crum and Wildwood?s Dustin Clark?for infusing your brew with fruits, herbs, and spices, and incorporating it into juices, smoothies, sauces, snacks, sweets, and cocktails.<br /><br /> With recipes for Lavender?Green Tea Kombucha, Cranberry Bitters Cocktails, Kombucha Vinegar, Green Smoothies, Kombucha Lime Ceviche, and Kombucha Pear Sorbet, mixing this healthful brew into your everyday lifestyle has never been so revolutionary. </p>


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