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Bizarre Brews 101 - Vance Hanna

Bizarre Brews 101
For bizarre beer brewers, it?s all about breaking down the style barriers and getting creative with brewing. In Bizarre Brews 101, author Vance Hanna not only shares novel tips and advice for home brewers, but also provides an array of recipes that are truly unique creations that may not fit the typical style.<br/><br/> Hanna, who has been creating fermented beverages of one kind or another for eighteen years, delves into the world of bizarre beer brewing, including a recipe for a brown ale using oats as the base malt and a German take on the English Porter style. Bizarre Brews 101 includes recipes for a vast variety of beers, such as Hop Bomb, Silky Double IPA, Imperial Saison Porter, Imperial Milk Cream Ale, Gingered Ale, Barley Wine, Multigrain Bomber, Sassafras Wheat Oat Porter, and Oatmeal Coffee Stout.<br/><br/> In addition to his recipes, Hanna incorporates basic information about equipment and ingredients and offers a selection of tips from other home brewers. Bizarre Brews 101 tears down the stereotype that rigid guidelines must be followed when selecting brewing ingredients to make great beer. It shows how you can make a wonderful tasting beer that doesn?t fit the bill for the style.


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