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The Taste Of Wine - Emile Peynaud

The Taste Of Wine
Emile Peynauda s Le Gout du Vin has long been considered the definitive book on winetasting by professional tasters. Now, this new English language second edition makes his timeless classic truly accessible to a new generation of American readers. The Taste of Wine is Peynauda s complete examination of the science and practice of winetasting, with detailed treatment of the senses and how they function, tasting techniques and problems, wine balance and quality, winetasting vocabulary, training, and the art of drinking. A brilliant synthesis of the Bordeaux and Burgundy/Beaujolais schools of tasting, Peynauda s unique method combines the subjective description of wine with well--established scientific principles----forming an approach which is definitive, comprehensive, and free of esoteric jargon. With a foreword by Michael Broadbent, this edition features Michael Schustera s excellent translation, which retains all of the wit and sparkle of the original while remaining faithful to Peynauda s precise vocabulary. The text is beautifully complemented by a carefully selected range of illustrations and full--color photographs, which give full expression to the principles and spirit of the book. As vital to increasing our understanding of winetasting as it is to enhancing our appreciation of wine, The Taste of Wine will be savored by professionals and amateurs for generations to come. This English translation of Emile Peynauda s Le Gout du Vin brings a new edition of this classic French work to an American audience for the first time. Erudite yet accessible, as beautifully written as it is scientifically documented, The Taste of Wine is, quite simply, the complete guide to the science and practice of winetasting. Covering all of the essential elements of the subject, from the physiology and experience of the senses to tasting techniques, vocabulary, training, and quality assessment, Peynauda s singular approach is a masterful combination of the empirical and statistical styles of winetasting----a blend as distinctive and enduring as wine itself. Whether you are an oenologist, wine producer, wine merchant, restaurateur, or informed consumer, The Taste of Wine is now yours to enjoy ...


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