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Alpana Pours - Alpana Singh

Alpana Pours
This is a unique lifestyle book with wine as the centrepiece. A voice is needed to help women to understand that their busy professional and social lifestyles can be well paired with wine. Master Sommelier and successful television host, Alpana Singh happens to be just the person who can help them do it. Alpana Singh is uniquely qualified to talk about wine, contemporary women and relationships. At age 26, she became the youngest woman to be inducted into the world's most exclusive sommelier organisation, the 120 member Court of Master Sommeliers. She spent five years as sommelier at a world famous four star restaurant, Everest of Chicago. While there, she closely observed the sometimes humorous, sometimes absurd, social interactions between men and woman at all stages of their relationships. Her mental journal of these 'social observations' came in handy as she wrote her first book, Alpana Pours . The book reaches readers in playful language they will understand, and in a highly entertaining manner they will enjoy. Women want to know how to select wine when entertaining important clients, pair wine with food they and their partner are preparing together, choose the right wines for hostess gifts, bridal showers, a first meeting with a boyfriend's parents and what wine to, or not to, order on a first date. Alpana Pours supplies tips on these and a myriad of other topics including 'dating' and 'dealing with guys'. The book's take on wine and lifestyle is unique and will definitely grab reader's attention.


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