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Wine Appreciation - David Williams

Wine Appreciation
Choose the right wine for every occasion from 500 recommended wines, from rightfully acclaimed classics to imaginative newcomers. There is a perfect wine for every occasion, no matter the budget, mood, or type of cuisine, due to the range of flavors, styles, regions, and grapes. This practical and beautifully designed book promotes wine knowledge and appreciation by helping solve the common dilemmas of matching wine to an occasion, setting, or cuisine. Organized into one hundred common events and holidays, the book recommends wines suited to any scenario: first dates, graduations, holiday gatherings, and many other occasions. The suggested wines feature a top pick and then four alternatives from a range of categories: low-alcohol, budget-conscious, exotic/adventurous, or a pricey splurge. In all, 500 widely available wines selected from all the world?s top regions?from classic Bordeaux and Barolos to affordable newcomers from up-and-coming areas?are included, accompanied by tasting profiles complete with advice for pairing with food, from casual brunches to upscale dinners and with the full range of ethnic cuisines from subtle Japanese and earthy tapas to spicy Thai and bold Tex-Mex. Attractive and easy to navigate, this book can be dipped into as needed and relied upon for perfect advice, whether you?re seeking a wine for a special event or a romantic evening at home.


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