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The New Wine Lover's Companion - Ron Herbst

The New Wine Lover's Companion
Enlarged and updated with information about newly flourishing wine-growing regions, enhanced coverage of viticulture practices, and additional winemaking terms, The New Wine Lover's Companion informs, advises, and enlightens readers with approximately 4,000 entries that describe wines produced all around the world. The A-to-Z entries describe grape varieties; wine styles; wine-growing regions; winemaking techniques; wine-testing terms; sizes and styles of glassware, wine bottles and wine openers; optimal temperatures for serving different wines; and, much more. One of the many qualities that has made The New Wine Lover's Companion so popular is its accessibility. No wine snobbery here. The authors serve up solid information about vintages, varieties, and which wine goes best with which food in a relaxed, conversational style that doesn't intimidate readers. Following the A-to-Z entries, additional advice and information includes - tips on buying wine, ordering wine in a restaurant, understanding the information on wine bottle labels, opening and serving wine at home, and how to store leftover wine and much more. The previous edition of The New Wine Lover's Companion , received rave reviews and is now the wine dictionary on several internet sites, including Conde[copyright] Nast's Epicurious.


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