Classic Cocktails - Stuart Walton

Classic Cocktails
This title covers everything from the Singapore Sling and the Cosmopolitan to the Martini, with 565 drinks, juices and smoothies shown in more than 1000 photographs. It is a complete guide to making 565 cocktails, juices and smoothies using spirits, liqueurs, wine, beer, mixers, fruits, vegetables, milk, cream and ice cream. It includes all-time classics such as the Gin Sling, Screwdriver and Buck's Fizz, more unusual drinks such as the Barbarella, Blue Hawaiian and Loch Ness, and luxurious juices and smoothies such as the Humzinger, Iced Mango Lassi and Purple Haze. It features an illustrated directory of all the basic types of alcohol and mixers available, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, plus a guide to cocktail-making equipment, glasses and garnishes. It includes a useful glossary of drinks terminology to help you tell the difference between a julep and a smash, a fizz and a frappe, a cup and a punch. This authoritative reference is an essential guide to cocktails, juices and smoothies, and how to mix them. It contains an overview of the different types of alcohol and mixers available: spirits such as gin, vodka and rum; liqueurs such as amaretto, Tia Maria and Chartreuse; wine, champagne and fortified wines; beer and cider; and syrups, coffee and chocolate. It includes classic cocktails going back to the America of the 19th century, drinks from the great jazz era of the 1920s, famous blends that were revived in the 1980s, and the brand-new beverages being drunk in the trendsetting bars of today. Every drink you've ever wanted to try is in this exciting volume.


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