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50 Natural Ways to Cure a Hangover - Raje Airey

50 Natural Ways to Cure a Hangover
This is a handbook of 50 tips to help banish the morning-after blues. You can try rehydrating and energizing fruit, vegetable and herbal drinks to refresh your weary body. It offers cleansing herbs and superfoods to revitalize an over-stressed system. You can stimulate your senses with an aromatic citrus spritzer, rosemary wake-up call, relaxing lavender bath or soothing camomile compress. It includes gentle body-balancing therapies, from reflexology, reiki and homeopathy to crystal, flower healing and massage. It shows you how to pamper yourself with a mind-cleansing meditation or a hair-of-the dog prairie oyster. One drink too many, and you can end up suffering from horrible hangover symptoms. You may experience a pounding headache, vomiting, fatigue and general aches and pains. Rather than instantly reaching for the painkillers, pamper your aching body with a gentle, mind-cleansing meditation, an aromatherapy headache easer, or a 'prairie oyster'. Alternatively, try the mysterious powers of crystals or reiki healing, or flush away harmful toxins in a relaxing flotation tank. This book is packed with safe and simple suggestions to alleviate all manner of hangover ailments. With treatments from stomach-settling herbs and detoxifying exercise to a high-protein breakfast, you are bound to find a source of relief to suit your lifestyle!


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