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The Wines of Bordeaux - Clive Coates

The Wines of Bordeaux
Written by the leading international expert on French wine, The Wines of Bordeaux is the authoritative guide to one of the most important and complex wine regions in the world. Sumptuously produced, with a wealth of color illustrations and stunning line drawings, this book covers all the vineyards of Bordeaux - from the largest and most famous chateaux to the smallest farmsteads. Bordeaux is known for the quality, quantity, and variety of its wine. It produces twenty-five percent of the appellation controlee harvest in France - a great deal more than the Beaujolais, Burgundy, Alsace, Loire, or Rhone regions. It also produces all of the three main types of wine: red, dry white, and sweet white. Updating and augmenting Clive Coates's classic Grands Vins, this book shows that many of Bordeaux's wines are not only superlative but also affordable. Thirty-five years of traveling around the French vineyards has given Coates an encyclopedic knowledge of France and its wines. His love and respect for French wines is apparent as he imparts detailed information on the best vintages, tasting notes of the top wines, and up-to-the-minute advice for selecting best value wines. With clear wine descriptions that are accessible to both the uninitiated and the connoisseur, The Wines of Bordeaux increases the pleasure of traveling to this remarkable region and of selecting and enjoying its splendid wines.


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