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The Psychology of Wine - Evan Mitchell

The Psychology of Wine
'A bottle of wine', Louis Pasteur once observed, 'contains more philosophy than all the books in the world'. How is it that a beverage can exert such influence? How did it come to be accorded such reverence? What does the future hold for the relationship between man and grape? Since grape juice was first fermented, wine has captured the human imagination, engaging us in a uniquely personal way. According to authors Evan and Brian Mitchell, wine - more than any other organism, aesthetic object, or experience - reflects what it means to be human. The Psychology of Wine: Truth and Beauty by the Glass parts company from the overwhelming majority of books on the subject in that it is neither a profile of some aspect of the industry, nor a collection of tasting notes. Rather, readers are invited to explore the body, mind, and soul of wine from the perspectives of flavor, metaphor, geometry, gender, and human characteristics, including beauty, honesty, and subtlety. Attention is paid also to the historical, geographical, and psychological roots of our affinity with wine and to how the language of wine is intimate to our desires, habits, customs, and culture. Entertaining and highly informative, this book will lead readers to think about wine in fresh and challenging ways.


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