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Barbadian Rum Shops - Peter Laurie

Barbadian Rum Shops
There are about a thousand rum shops in Barbados. The Barbadian Rum Shop has a dual purpose: to document these special watering holes in photographs and to provide a historical and cultural background to a unique Barbadian institution. It should also encourage Barbadians and visitors alike to experience first hand the exuberant and authentic atmosphere of the Barbadian rum shop.The first section of the book is the fascinating story of rum: where it began, how it is made and the many ways you can drink it. The second gives an insight into the brewing of Barbados' prize-winning beer, Banks - probably the most consumed drink in the rum shop! The third section is a brief social history of the rum shop that shows how this peculiar Barbadian combination of bar and grocery evolved into what it is today. Finally, and most importantly, are featured some of those special rum shops that the reader will find more than worth a visit, as much for the tasty food as the refreshing drink.This is a fascinating and beautifully illustrated guide to a unique Caribbean institution which rum lovers all over the world are sure to enjoy.


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