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How to Pair Wine - Bill

How to Pair Wine
How to Pair Wine is an accessible, informative, and entertaining guide to pairing the perfect wine with delicious meals. The collection contains an eclectic variety of terrific recipes, and with each recipe comes a miniature lesson on wine characteristics and helpful tips on pairing with complementary flavors. Taken from the Chicago Tribune, this book features expert advice from the newspaper's award-winning food writing that will surely appeal to aficionados and novices alike. <br/><br/>The book is organized by dish, making it easy to reference and simple to find a complementary wine for a diverse range of recipes. The recipes in How to Pair Wine are adventurous and fun, with only a few steps, so they can be finished without spending hours in the kitchen. Two or three wines are offered for each recipe, many of which are quite affordable. There are many great lessons on what characteristics to look for in your wine and food pairings, such as matching tannins with fats, working with acidity, as well as clever recommendations for notoriously difficult foods to pair like eggs, ham, and olives. How to Pair Wine is a perfect companion piece as well as a standout recipe collection in its own right. <br/>


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