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The Standard Wine Cookbook - Anne Director

The Standard Wine Cookbook
Petterson's California Journal "The Standard Wine Cookbook, by Anne Director, is the perfect addition to any cooking library. Director has recorded hundreds of food and drink recipes using wine from around the world, each of which is a time tested favorite. Although wine loses its alcohol when subjected to heart, it can still give any dish heightened flavor and aroma, the basic rule to remember is that if you can taste the wine in the food when it is done, you have used too much. Sherry is the perennial favorite for cooking. It is especially good in soups, and with fish, shellfish, chicken and ham. In general, red table wines are used most successfully in dishes with red meats, and whites with white meats, chicken and seafood. Director encourages cooks to experiment. Each wine has an individual flavor and character. Some of the recipes included are French Onion Soup made with Sherry, Cranberry Salad Mold made with Claret, Wine Butter Sauce for vegetables made with Sherry, Red Wine Beefsteak Pie, and Fruit Wine Shortcake. All of the dishes are economical and easy to prepare. Many date back hundreds of years. Suggested wines are listed by their generic names." - Petterson's California Journal


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